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Choosing a reputable web host provider is an important step to ensuring your website is always available.
     If you have your own domain name and a hosted site, visitors will have more confidence in your products and services.
     Remember, a good host is essential to the success and reliability of your global marketing presence.

Free Web Space

"You get what you pay for" is especially true in the area of website hosting. In most cases that "free" space comes at a "price" which is generally advertising banners and annoying pop-up windows sharing your "free" space. Because these servers are crowded, your visitors will most likely experience slow access creating the possibility of loosing potential clients.

"Cheap" Hosting

Cheaper is not always better. Low cost hosting packages usually require something in return. Crammed on overloaded servers, or "host farms", with hundreds and even thousands of other websites, your site may be slow or might not even come up, resulting in a loss of business. Technical support may be slow or unresponsive.

There are many factors to consider when selecting a web host. A good host offers excellent service at a reasonable rate.

  Pomfret Computer Technologies has been providing quality reliable hosting solutions since the mid 1990's. By managing our own hardware we have the capability of fulfilling most of our client's special requirements.
  Our network is connected via multiple BGP routed internet backbone connections with unsurpassed performance and reliability.
   In continually striving to offer state of the art functionality we recently implemented a server technology refresh which features:

Servers: Dual Quad-core Xeon processors, RAID arrays, minimum 4.0 GB of Ram, multiple redundant NICs per server.
Facility: Data center Telco grade infrastructure location with fully automated diesel generator backup, multiple power grid connections and 24 X 7 biometric security and monitoring.
99.99% availability
Network: Redundant BGP routed Tier 1 Internet backbone connections.

A good host is essential to the success of your global presence.

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