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The Internet is unique in that the customer can search for your products and services in the search engines and directories. And, that is what a website is al about--getting customers to see your products and services. Internet marketing is an essential component os a successful website.

As part of our web design, we prepare and manually and routinely submit our client's sites to the major search engines. These free submissions can take from 8 to 10 weeks to get listed. Most search engines do search for sites on their own, usually be searching for new links in pages that are already listed. To further promote our client's websites, we include their web addresses on our pages as well.

For higher search engine ranking, we strongly urge our clients to consider paid site submission. There are a variety of such submissions available with various features and pricing structures.

Professional Paid Site Submission Service
Pomfret Computer Technologies LLC subscribes to a paid site submission service. This is a relatively inexpensive technique that can help move you up in search engine placement. We will appropriately optimize your site for such a submission and complete the process for you. It is a yearly flat fee that is based on the number of pages submitted during each processing session. This service includes:
  • a detailed review and optimization of the pages to be submitted
  • rapid inclusion in the most popular search engines
  • site content refreshment every 48 hours by the service.
Purchased Positions & Ads from Specific engines
It takes a reasonable investment to earn a good return. Many search engines offer paid for positioning and advertisements. Although these can be costly, they do bring higher visibility and a targeted audience to your site. Pomfret Computer Technologies LLC will be glad to assist their clients in selecting and preparing a site for this type of submission. Some of these submissions include pay per click advertising, express site submission, bid for place listings.
Help us Promote Your site With Meta Tags

Meta tags are hidden coded tags that search engines and spiders use to help index the pages of your website for searches. There are three that are of particular importance, and you know your industry best.
  • Title - Each page should have a short descriptive title 10 to 12 words. This is the basis for the hyperlink to your website. Try to incorporate your product or service in the title, not simply the name of the company.
  • Description - Many search engines include a page summary just below the link. These are generally derived from the Meta Description tag you give us. The maximum number of characters should be 255, although some engines, such as Google, will take less. Therefore, the most important statements--statements that will most likely interest someone in visiting your site--should be near the beginning. Each page should have its own unique description. It is important that the content of that page match the description. It may hurt your standing if they do not.
  • Keywords - Keywords are the words or short phrases that a person might type in a search engine to find you. Again hierarchy is important since different search engines take different quantities. Each page should have its own unique set of keywords. It is also important that the content of that page matches the keywords.
Tips for Marketing Your Website
  • Tell us if there are trade sites that will list your website. This may bring in targeted visitors.
  • Make your web address part of your logo. Use it in advertising, on your letterhead, publications, as part of your e-mail signature, on your business card. Only include the www.NameOfSite.com, not the protocol prefix.
  • Use initial caps when printing your web address if it contains multiple words--it will make it stand out and not look like alphabet soup.
  • Motivate your clients to purchase more products by combining several services into a "package" deal.
  • Develop an incentive for your clients to endorse your service or product with a discount or simply a note of appreciation for the new client.
  • Keep your site relevant and fresh. Consider having a seasonal special or a quarterly newsletter of substance that will keep visitors interested in returning.

Pomfret Computer Technologies LLC reserves the right to make changes to this policy at any time.

The greatest compliment a client can give us is a referral.

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