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Web Mail
We also provide Web mail access for our clients. This allows you to retrieve your website e-mail from foreign computers. This is especially helpful when you are away at conferences or simply on vacation.
  • Enter mail.customerdomain.com in the address bar of your web browser, no www preceding it
  • Choose from one of the two Web mail clients available, Horde or SQWebMail
  • Your User ID is your complete e-mail address including domain name
  • Your password is the one you use to normally retrieve your mail
  • Be aware that if you delete a message from Web mail, it will be permanently removed from the system
E-mail Administration
E-mail administration is for those clients with many domain based e-mail accounts. The password protected administrative interface allows for the account administrator to maintain the collection of e-mail addresses. Please call us to set this up.
Spyware is a problem that has grown enormously. This is software that you unknowingly download. It may take the form of adware which is unwanted advertising with pop-up windows, or it make take the form of spyware which watches everything you do on-line and sends the information back to its author. What can you do to prevent this?
  • Raise your browser security level, usually Tools > Internet Options > Security
  • Install an anti-spyware software program. There are some that are free and are available from reputable software producers. We recommend AdAware.
  • If you use a Window's Operating System be certain you always have the latest updates and security patches from Microsoft, available at no charge from their website.
  • Be certain any program is from a reputable company or person before you answer "yes" to that "download and install" option.
  • Some freeware programs contain spyware, be certain to read all of the fine print before you install it.

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